Bring Your Vision to Life Without Compromise

The design-build experts at Simile Construction help our customers get exactly the building they want – and more than they ever expected.

The design-build process begins with your idea for a building – sometimes just a sketch on a napkin. As your partner in the process, Simile Construction takes the time to truly understand all your needs and wants for the building. We select several architects to present proposals and help our clients choose the design that bests suits their needs.

We assemble the perfect team of engineers and construction subcontractors to assure the project’s success.


By bringing design and construction together, the design-build process saves you time and money. We use our expertise in construction materials and techniques to suggest more efficient ways to build – value engineering, it’s called – and those ideas can be incorporated into the very first drawings. Engineers work in tandem with architects, speeding the process considerably. Project budgets are established early, and weekly meetings with the design team ensure construction stays within budget and moves quickly through the permitting process.



Most Simile Construction customers chose the design-build approach for their new buildings. Let us build your next project this way and you’ll know why.