We’ll Take Care of Your Building
So You Can Take Care of Your Business


Full Service, Simile Quality

Your commercial properties are important assets – but can become expensive liabilities if they’re neglected. With Simile Building Maintenance, that won’t happen.


Avoid Costly Repairs

Our regular inspections and routine maintenance prevent expensive problems and unexpected repairs. Keep your commercial properties in top-quality shape, reduce your repair costs and preserve the value of your investment.


Keep Warranties Intact

Routine inspections keep your roofing, flooring, air conditioning and other warranties in place. Costs can be documented and shared with tenants as CAM (Common Area Maintenance) costs.


Save Time and Money

Simile’s completely customizable program lets you pick the maintenance duties we perform. From detailed biannual inspections to the full maintenance and upkeep of your property – including janitorial, grounds-keeping and security – Simile Construction Service can do it all.


Great service, great quality. That’s Simile.