Current Job Opening: Estimator (Modesto, CA)

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Estimator will generate and manage commercial estimates required for sales, pre-construction and bidding efforts. Provide estimates, budget control and studies for projects and potential projects during business development, pre-construction and construction phases of a project, knowledge of all scopes, systems, and assemblies. Estimates vary from design-build, guarantee maximum price estimates, to stipulated sum bids. Ability to complete full quantity take-offs to support accurate estimates for all disciplines in commercial and public work projects including, but not limited to civil and site work, structural, concrete, finishes, mechanical, and electrical. A complete understanding of the interrelationship of the cost of labor, material, equipment, and productivity in the unit costs used at each level of an estimate.

The successful candidate will have a strong working knowledge of commercial construction methods, Provide a purposed construction schedule, processes and management practices; excellent analytical and problem solving skills; good communication skills; and be organized, efficient and responsive to the needs of internal and external clients alike.

We expect our estimators to:

  • Manage entirety of bidding process.
  • Build estimates based on a practical understanding of design, constructability, logistics, sequencing and means and methods of a project.
  • Be a key collaborator for new and existing subcontractor relationships for estimating, bidding and project award.
  • Prepare estimate presentations, special studies, budget control reports and estimating documents for projects and client presentations.
  • Understanding of market labor, and commodity conditions and impacts on construction costs.
  • Conduct quantity take-offs, variance and maintain quantity controls.
  • Proficient on a computer and utilizing Microsoft Office Suite



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